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To Lead, one needs to imbibe qualities like sharpening one's analytical skills, thinking logically, being more presentable and knowing the need of the hour so that one can cater to the requirements  which will help them to reach the future they always dreamt to achieve

In this pandemic of COVID-19, there are a series of events turned on which was evitable where people could not go out of their places and stayed immobile in their homes with no activities going on or not having any skilled activities to improve it.

In this century, where there is a competition for each of the jobs. And it has given more importance for learning and improving your skills. So you are versatile in a particular arena. So there are many online websites or platforms which provide various opportunities to participate and to boost their brain to work with fascinating activities held.

The most affected people are the students, since they are involved in rigorous activities in their day to day life and suddenly due to these lockdowns they are not available to connect with their institution to conduct the events and participate in these events.

So here is a chance of learning and improving your proficiency in the field through ⇓ Progressio Alas

What is it all about ?

It is an e-learning website where they organize a quizzes, webinar , workshop , internship and so on with each possible recurring day and the topics are not recycled. As the motto says we can start off with improving our precious knowledge by actively participating in the venture available.

Exciting News!

We are releasing a JOURNAL for All those who believe in expressing their thoughts or views through the writing they are provided with an exciting offer of publishing the papers on a various topics related to science and technology. Grab the events before they diminish friends and publish your paper.

Why This ?

  • Webinar Speakers will be more versatile and have proficiency in their fields.

  • In Workshops the presenter will be held up the experience in the given arena.

  • There would be a Questionnaire session to clear the doubts on the spot.

  • If participants are not cleared with the doubts in a particular session they would be made contact with the speakers to clarify after the session ends.

  • We provide an extensive learning knowledge in mentioned topics through recognised speakers.

  • Participation Prices are low compared to other platforms.


In this environment of developing technologies,rapid growth and people would

seek for the experienced and skilled person in that field and to improve the

techniques Progressio Alas is providing an exclusive offer to be an intern .

Grab these GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY provide digital internships in the field of

Marketing, Sales and Blog Writing for a Duration of 6 to 8 weeks.

And the perk is to quench your thirst of the internship provided and use this

wonderful opportunity to improve yourself

Perks Of Choosing It

The learning process is like a wave in the seas which never ends on gliding.

  • Certificate Of Participation for all the events.

  • Top 3 In quizzes are provided with a Cash Prize along with Certificate Of Excellence.

  • Essence of Knowledge.

  • Improving your Skills.

This adds up to build up your resume and growth of experience in that field.

As we said there is no end for learning , it just keeps on increasing as the days roll on.

So here we are with exciting offers and events providing you to occupy yourself with

the boredom of lock down as well as to make your time worth.

Go on and Visit Our Websites For more Enlightenment On the Upcoming Events

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